Bridges Are Still News


Bridges Are Still News - Island Essays, Poems and Photos is a collection of articles, musings, poems and blogs by Richard Purinton about Washington Island, Wisconsin and the lives and times of it's residents. Includes maps, images old and new. Available in soft-cover only.

In a literary time of mega/meaningless fiction, make-believe memoir, pretentious poetry, it is refreshing to read something real, set down right, honest and true, daily life on a distinctive home front: the transport of passengers, freight and vehicles, back and forth, island to mainland…all through the eyes, heart, and words of a man who has lived and worked in this unique setting more than thirty years…who knows the land and water…the people and the stories that keep us all alive, afloat, engaged with a special back-and-forth history of time and place.

-Norbert Blei

Published by Island Bayou Press - 2010
ISBN 978-0-615-41585-7

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